• Kojic Acid Lotion

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Kojic Acid Lotion


Kojic Body Lotion for whitening skin and removing blemishes.

Made from pure Japanese kojic acid. Kojic acid cream is secondhanded to effectively lighten pigment spots and bleach the skin without the usual drying impacts associated with other items, offering your skin a much fairer skin with a healthy rosy radiance.

Kojic Acid is a natural product that arises from a mushroom in Japan. It has been used to effectively lighten pigment spots and discoloration by inhibiting melanin production in the skin. You can locate Kojic acid in various other charm and cosmetic products for fading freckles, reducing age spots on the skin of elder men and women, and eliminating pigmentation and acne.

Benefits of Ironpower's Kojic Acid Cream:

  • Superior effects in night out complexion.
  • Excellent results in fading age spots, maternity marks, freckles, and skin pigmentation disorders of face and body. No red itching skin.
  • Extremely mild and safe to use.
  • Quickly outcomes ... see the effects within 1 week of your skin coming to be whiter, with imperfections and pimples fading, and skin pores becoming smaller.